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kylekorverfans's Journal

Kyle Korver Fans
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Welcome to the first LiveJournal community dedicated to Philadelphia 76ers 3-point specialist, Kyle Korver. Here you can talk about Kyle Korver, discuss 76ers games and whatever else you want.

- Try to keep on topic of Kyle Korver or the 76ers
- No promoting. If you're see promoting, you'll be warned. You post will also be deleted. A second promotion will result in the poster being banned.
- Images are allowed to be posted here. Please upload your images to free servers like Photobucket.com.
- Lastly, make sure to join On The Real, a great bball message board. Actually, this isn't a rule. But just pay a visit if you have time!

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If you'd like to be a sister community, please contact community maintainer, dyermaker

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